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What is the Vidya Yoga Community (VYC)? 

For just $9/month, billed through PayPal, you receive exclusive access to over 50+ (and growing!) Yoga classes. The extensive library includes therapeutic Yoga for specific ailments, advanced classes, meditations, relaxations, and more. Classes range from 10 -75 minutes.

Vidya is a Sanskrit word that means “knowledge,” “clarity,” or “higher learning.” The term describes both intellectual knowledge obtained through self study and also spiritual or higher knowledge that leads to enlightenment, the goal of Yoga.

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VYC is an online holistic Yoga studio created specifically for beginners, students with limited range of motion, recent injuries or surgeries, anxiety, stress and more in mind. It’s also accessible for those with an advanced practice who may be interested in going deeper into philosophy, anatomy, and bio-mechanics.

  • It’s a place for holistic, accessible, quality Yoga. Think of it as the Yoga you’ll do for the rest of your life.

  • Learn to adapt the practice to you. Learn basic principles of movement.

  • Uncover the intelligence and art of a life of Yoga. 

  • Receive classes tailored to your needs.

  • Monthly Yoga practices delivered via private Facebook group, where you'll watch and follow my clear and easy instructions on your favorite device (laptop, TV, phone, or iPad).

The Vidya Yoga Community is designed to:

  • give you the confidence, knowledge, and awareness to build a long-standing relationship with Yoga.

  • help you reach your goals of lowering stress, overcoming fatigue, and taming overwhelm.

  • build strength and flexibility in both your mind and body.

  • provide a support system for you that adds value and accountability to your life.

Why I offer online Yoga:

I believe EVERYBODY, despite age, physical, psychological, or financial limitations, or feeling unsure if you'd fit into a Yoga class environment, should have access to high-quality Yoga. Not everyone can make a Yoga class due to time constraints, budget concerns, or anxiety. Yoga’s also become a bit of an elite sport and lifestyle; group classes can cost upwards of $25. Now you can have access to quality Yoga classes in the comfort of your own home.

What are the main features of the VYC? 

  1. Receive access to the library of previously recorded Yoga classes (50+ videos and growing!)

    • watch them over and over again.

    • ask questions about modifications and receive feedback based on your unique needs.

  2. Gain immediate access to a community of like-minded students.

    • This is a community of serious students new to Yoga and/or those working with injuries, etc

    • Receive support, encouragement, and accountability.

    • Ask questions in this private group and receive feedback from myself and other students.

  3. Receive reading recommendations.

    • Recommendations may include information on:

      • Yoga, meditation, self-inquiry, Ayurveda, personal reflections, journaling and more.

  4. Suggestions for Yoga props and other accessories.

    • Learn what may support you in your new practice and lifestyle.


What will I learn?

  • Fundamentals and anatomy of proper breathing (hint: most of us don’t breathe properly).

  • Discover how to balance building flexibility and strength and how to work toward your goals.

  • Explore the role of your psychological & emotional body in your yoga practice.

  • Master how to modify poses and how to use props, to suit your specific body & movement patterns.

  • Understand the basic classifications of poses.

  • Learn intelligent sequencing that makes sense from an anatomical point of view.

  • Understand the role of Ayurveda in Yoga asana.

  • Yoga terminology and philosophy.

How is this different from Physical Therapy?

The biggest differences between Yoga Therapy and Physical Therapy is the emphasis on breathing, concentration or "mindfulness," and sequencing. These all play a vital role in healing. Additionally, Yoga Therapy offers a holistic approach to healing. Yoga Therapists can prevent injury, treat chronic pain, and offer rehab after acute pain.

How can I purchase a membership? 

Simply click the PayPal button to begin your membership at $9/month. Try it for a week for just $3!

What if it's not the right fit for me? 

  • It's important to me that you feel good about your investment of time, money, and energy and if you're not satisfied with your membership after 14 days, you'll receive a 100% refund.

  • After 14 days, you can finish up the month and opt out before the next billing cycle.

Who should enroll in membership for VYC? 

If you want to learn a systematic, safe, accessible, gentle, and practical approach to Yoga, or if you want to deepen your practice, then you should join as a member.

  • if you’re brand new to Yoga and looking for an intelligent introduction to the art and science of yoga.

  • if you’re a seasoned practitioner with an injury or just looking for a new approach.

  • a returning student with limited range of motion, recovering from a recent injury, fall, or accident.

  • a student with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, depression, PTSD, etc who's looking for community support to begin a Yoga practice.

  • Note that there are multiple options offered for most postures and techniques (where applicable).

What props will I need?

It'd be helpful to have a yoga mat to begin with (even this isn't a necessity; you can do the classes on a carpeted floor) and possibly a blanket to use to sit on and cover yourself with for the final relaxation. 

If you REALLY want to go all out, read below:

  • Yoga mat

    • usually beginners and those with injuries, etc appreciate extra padding

  • two Yoga blocks

    • Ideally, I'd want everyone to have wooden yoga blocks, but these can be quite expensive, cumbersome, and are not comfortable for beginners in restorative postures.

    • The next step down would be cork blocks. These aren't as heavy or hard.

    • For a beginner, I'd recommend you buy two (of the same size) foam high density Yoga blocks.

  • blanket

    • Any blanket will do. It'd be helpful to dedicate a special blanket just for Yoga.

  • strap

    • can substitute a tie or belt as well.

  • bolster

    • I'd recommend getting a full size one. You can also create your own bolster by putting three folded blankets together.

  • lavender eye pillow for relaxation

    • purchase one online or, for a special art project, have fun and make your own!


Jamie Capozzoli, 25, Self- Employed Mother: I would highly recommend working with Francesca, as her passion for Yoga and her personable nature are extremely helpful when it comes to being a new and growing student trying to build a fun, safe and effective practice. I'd been interested in Yoga for some time, but was never sure where or how to start and did not want to walk into a class knowing nothing and risk injuring myself. She made me feel comfortable with myself and my new practice and encouraged me to ask questions and it didn't take long for me to gain more confidence.

Diane, 50 , Physician: I’ve been taking classes with Francesca at the Himalayan Institute for several months. I was nervous about returning to yoga in a group setting, after my lengthy hiatus from exercise. I was delighted to find her class to be designed to meet the needs of students at several levels of ability. She is extremely intuitive and very attuned to the individuals who comprise the whole of a class. I was immediately drawn to Francesca’s warm, kind and nurturing spirit. She is the reason I keep coming back to class. I am so glad I found her.

Denise and I worked together solely via online sessions. In this video testimonial, she explains how yoga helps her to feel calm and relaxed and aids in pain management.

When Diane and I began working together, she couldn't walk around her block or get up from the floor on her own. During our work together, she began training for the El Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile trek in Spain. 

Why would I learn Yoga from Francesca?

  • I’ve taught over 1,000 students their first yoga class ever.

  • I train yoga teachers how to teach effectively and safely.

  • I’m completing my Masters Degree in Yoga Studies (Philosophy degree).

  • Trained in anatomy and physiology by experts.

  • I have over 1,200 hours of training (many yoga teachers have the minimum 200 hours).

  • I've completed two 500-hour teacher trainings.

  • I have over 4,000 hours of teaching experience (this is well beyond what many teachers have).

  • I have a connection to a deep lineage through the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy.

  • I’m nearly complete with a 4 year clinical Yoga Therapy program at Loyola Marymount University.

  • I've been teaching beginner yoga students, people with injuries, those recovering from surgeries, for nearly a decade.

  • I've used yoga to support me in recovery from my own stress, anxiety, depression, injuries, and more.

What’s doing Yoga online like?

Yoga online is very close to doing it in person and is a good alternative if you don't have a local teacher you enjoy learning from who has the skills and training to support you in your practice.

As the Vidya Yoga Community grows, there will be opportunities a few times a year to meet in person for retreats, trainings, and workshops.

Join The Vidya Yoga Community for $9/month. Try a week for just $3.