Victor Barbetti, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Co-Founder of the Village Center for Holistic Therapy

As a psychologist and yoga practitioner who sees the value of a regular yoga practice to support treatment and a healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend my clients to Francesca. In addition to helping to grow our yoga therapy program, she supported clients who were suffering from depression, anxiety, restlessness or substance use. Francesca has a unique combination of training and knowledge of psychology, yoga and other healing modalities to support clients undergoing psychotherapy and who may be seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

Denise and I worked together solely via online sessions. In this video testimonial, she explains how yoga helps her to feel calm and relaxed and aids in pain management.

Tara Friedensohn, Licensed Massage Therapist, Owner at Radiant Body Massage 

Francesca is one of those rare and wonderful people who is ever-evolving. She is playful and positive, but does not shy away from digging deep and doing the work. These qualities are reflected in both her personal and professional life. In our one and one yoga session I was struck by her ability to listen deeply and work the session specifically around what I was feeling that day. It is clear she has a profound understanding of the mind and body connection. This is reflected in the depth of her sessions.

Eva M. Knox, Long Time Meditator and Certified Yoga Teacher

Francesca has created a healing sanctuary and she creates it fresh every time she teaches a class. Her class is a touchpoint for peace, stillness, sanity, and truth for me every week. And she is helping me gain mobility with and serenity about an upsetting and painful physical challenge. She teaches a completely different class every time I go, and it never feels like too much but always feels productive. She’s one of the most knowledgeable and tuned in yoga teachers I’ve ever worked with. Thank you Francesca.

Jamie Capozzoli, 25, Consultant; Yoga Therapy Client

I would highly recommend working with Francesca, as her passion for yoga and her personable nature are extremely helpful when it comes to being a new and growing student trying to build a fun, safe and effective practice. I had been interested in yoga for some time, but was never sure where or how to start and did not want to walk into a class knowing nothing and risk injuring myself. I decided it would be beneficial to start private sessions to ensure I would learn poses in the correct way and have the freedom to ask questions. Francesca made me feel comfortable with myself and my new practice, encouraging me to ask questions and showing me proper technique so I felt confident practicing at home. It didn't take long for me to gain the confidence I needed to start attending yoga classes on my own. It has now been about 5 months since I started working with Francesca and I not only go to yoga classes on my own, but I have continued to build my practice with her help in private sessions, constantly learning and challenging myself with new and more difficult poses.

When Diane and I began working together, she couldn't walk around her block or get up from the floor on her own. During our work together, she began training for the El Camino de Santiago, a 500 mile trek in Spain. 

Toni Pineau, Liberal Catholic Church Priest

I've been doing beginning yoga for about a year. Never done it before now. I'm in my 60s. In that year, I have experienced two styles of yoga instruction: 1) what I will call, "Monkey See, Monkey Do," and then the Gold style of instruction. In the Monkey See style, the instructor basically does his or her yoga practice and the "students" follow along. No instruction. No guidance. No correction. Just follow the leader. But, with Francesca, it's a whole new world for yoga beginners. Francesca guides and instructs every step of the way. Her thoughtful suggestions of alternatives to each pose are helpful and instructive. And she has alternatives for EVERY pose. So, if I'm not able to do the initial pose demonstrated and explained, she gives me options for doing it in a way that suits me. She is focused and watchful throughout class of every student in every pose so that we don't hurt ourselves and are getting the greatest benefit possible for each person's body and abilities.

And she does it in a way that doesn't make me feel like I'm somehow not keeping up with others. I am always comfortable and feel safe from potential injury in Francesca's classes. Another plus, Francesca is a yoga THERAPIST. She is trained to design each yoga session to accommodate and help heal people with injuries. She usually begins each class asking people what they need or if they are experiencing pain that day and then tailors the class to suit people’s needs.If you have never done yoga before, or haven't done it in awhile, Gold Yoga is the place to be.

Deborah Johnson

Today was my first day doing yoga with Francesca at her studio in Ojai for her Women in Recovery Yoga Retreat and left feeling nurtured and refreshed. We spent the day in alternating yoga nidra, guided meditation, reflective journaling and feedback sessions which were structured but low pressure and made me feel safe and comfortable enough to relax and let go. Francesca is a wise and intuitive teacher and made me feel thoughtful and quiet in my soul as she led us through prayers, breathing exercises, positive affirmations for those I love and those who frustrate me, that I know I can use everyday in my own practice. I am already looking forward to the next retreat, thank you, Francesca.

Linda Cammack

I have been struggling with sciatica-like pain for at least 5 months. I started yoga with another instructor in hopes of finding relief, but without success and the pain still lingered.  I would experience temporary relief, but the pain always returned by nightfall. It was difficult and painful to ride in the car for any length of time or even stay seated for more than 30 minutes. I began yoga with Francesca 6 weeks ago and have found significant relief which is longer lasting. My pain decreases with each yoga session. It is not 100 percent resolved, but I would estimate 90 percent! Thank you!

Allison Arellanes

The thing that impressed me most about Francesca is how she reiterates each and every time I have practiced with her that "this is your practice," get to know your body, know what feels good, and is right for YOU! This is so important to remember! She truly loves what she does and it shows!

Jill, 42; Private Yoga Client

Francesca started coming to my home for personal yoga sessions when was under a lot of stress and it was manifesting itself in very visible ways externally and internally. Francesca took a lot of time to listen to my issues, and design a yoga plan just for ME. I was not in the right frame of mind to attend a class, and I really liked the serenity and privacy of my back yard.  Many people have commented on the changes they have seen in my overall manner, my outlook, and even my shape. I feel stronger, body and soul. I am so very happy I chose Francesca to help me learn the practice of yoga – and I am still only at the beginning! I look forward to each lesson as I achieve new things each time she teaches me. Her relaxation techniques help me long after my session is over.

Janine P.

Truly as good as it gets - and then some!  Francesca is amazing. She has the rare gift of making her group classes seem like private classes. She has a keen sense of her students needs, and addresses them beautifully with warmth and humor. I highly recommend her. Bottom line: if you want to feel REALLY good. She's the girl for the job!!! 

Jacob Schlang, 28, Life Coach; Yoga Client

Francesca teaches a practical straightforward approach to asana and meditation. Her sessions are calm and deep, getting into the places of habitual tightness and gently peeling back the layers to reveal the oceans of subtle feelings that lurk beneath. I heartily recommend her to anyone looking to get a taste of what yoga has to offer!