Join classes in my private, beginners based, therapeutic Yoga studio in Ojai, CA. When you sign up, I’ll email you an intake form and the location.

Receive individualized attention with a trained Yoga Therapist with nearly a decade of experience. All classes are for beginners (we're all beginners!) & therapeutic in nature. Those with limited range of motion, recovering from injury or recent surgery, those experiencing anxiety, chronic pain, or any mental wellness challenges, etc are encouraged to attend. All classes all all-inclusive and foster a ‘non-work-out’ type of vibe. Traditionally, Yoga Therapy has been taught one-on-one and this studio combines this traditional approach with a modern day twist to make quality Yoga available, and affordable, to everyone.

Think of this as the Yoga you’ll do for the rest of your life. Learn to adapt the practice to you, basic principles of movement, and uncover the intelligence and art of a life of Yoga. This is a highly individualized, therapeutic studio. We value listening and honoring the wisdom of the body. Safe, logical, and functional alignment and proper biomechanics will be taught for each pose alongside openness to the unknown that Yoga inevitably invites.

Have you heard stories about how people go to yoga and injure themselves? Have you been going to yoga for a while and feel like you just don't get 'it'? Are you brand new and worried that you won't fit in? This studio is for you...

  • Learn the fundamentals and anatomy of breath 

  • Discover how to balance flexibility and strength and how to work toward these goals

  • Explore the role of the psychological & emotional body in asana practice

  • Master how to modify poses, and how to use props, to suit your specific body & movement patterns

  • Understand the basic classifications of poses and learn intelligent sequencing

  • Understand the role of Ayurveda in yoga asana