Transformational Self-Inquiry Retreats ० April and August 2020

Spend time in nature, diving deep in the subtle through discussions and movement, and spend time with others interested in the same.

For those who have a body, mind, and who wish to go deep and learn about themselves and the way they move and interact in the world.

My Yoga journey began at a very young age with self-inquiry. My original movement practice began with figure skating. I’ve be been sitting in 12-step rooms for four years.

I’ve watched the Yoga scene grow into a multi billion dollar industry. I’ve watched gurus’ secret lives be revealed after their death and their ‘victims’ step forward to tell their stories of negligence and abuse. “Is Yoga not even sacred anymore?” some must be wondering.

I’ve seen people make their livelihoods and careers based on self-inquiry and self-help models. Dialogues on rinse and repeat. Leading participants into a place that the director ‘knows.’

I’ve watched folks in the skating scene become world champions and their ego grow alongside these titles. Their identify merging with their medal count and how young they were when they rose to the top.

I’ve watched egos be beaten down and then blossom into a truer version of what is (real) in 12-step rooms. People with decades of sobriety realizing that service is a lifestyle and an action to take outside of ‘The Rooms.’

I’ve watched my own ego grow, be diminished, and transform in each of these arenas. I’ve survived my 20’s and feel stable in my 30’s as someone who knows nothing.


The truth is, we all just want to feel like we matter and like what we do will have an impact, in some way.

We want to be heard and for others to know us deeply.

We want comfort and acceptance.

Some of us, like me, just really want to know The Truth and to walk and live in Truth.

Some of us see our conditionings so clearly and purposely put ourselves in situations and relationships that challenge the very essence of who we think we are.

I’ve gone through the feelings/Truth of being a 'no self' and have lived through the implications that this sort of realization has on a person. That’s another post and it’s a serious subject of careful contemplation.

The most recent place I’m sitting in is that nothing has happened to me. This is the result of grueling work and self-examination. No past, no story. I’ve watched the layers of this realization occur through time and space and in relationship. To be tested ‘in the real world.’

I’ve watched how the ego wants to claim being a non-ego and then teach others ‘the way.’

I’ve had people call me a ‘Krishnamurti’ person, a ‘Yoga’ person and a ‘12-step person.’

Really, I’m just a person, just like you, on this path of Life. I’ve chosen not-Life at times and have lived through the implications of this.

I’ve sat in dialogue with people in Pittsburgh, Ojai, and in five cities in India who debate on the path (Yoga) vs. non-path (Krishnamurti/non-duality). Everyone has their own take on these teachings based on what lens they’re looking through at the time. Oftentimes it’s ‘old-timers,’ or people who have been seeped in one tradition for a long time.


I’ve been facilitating these retreats for 7 years and have been a Teacher for nearly a decade.

Each class, dialogue, and retreat is unique and governed by those who show up and what they share. We meet one another where we are. Sometimes, it's only intellectual and it needs to be this way for a little. It's safer here.

The truth is, the path is yours and is happening to you in every moment. Every decision/non-decision you’ve ever made hasn’t happened in a vacuum. Even in the unconscious, self-harm, self-seeking behavior and thinking we are all victims of, a decision has been made. Non-decisions are decisions.

Choosing Life, Light, and Truth are uphill battles for some of us and the mind is a tricky prankster that thrives in convoluted storytelling. We live in the mind aka prison.

My invitation to you comes as a fellow human being residing on planet Earth. I extend my hand to you and offer you a seat, alongside me, as we inquire with no expectations and with no end goal.

Join me in Ojai, CA in 2020. Two options in April and August (more retreats involving recovery, health, and Yoga TBA).