Francesca Michelle Gold

Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Coach E-RYT 500 x 2, YTRx-800

I change peoples lives. I help people who can’t walk around the block go on to trek the 500-mile El Camino del Santiago in Spain.

I help people with chronic pain change their mindset, adapt their lifestyle, and learn to manage pain.

I help people who have panic attacks calm themselves down, naturally.

I help nervous psychotherapists pass board exams.

I show pre-ballerinas how to stretch safely. 

I adapt the practices of Yoga to whoever is in front of me.

Yoga Therapy is a multi-facated, integrative, holistic, and scientific system of self-inquiry, inner transformation, and physical health.

I provide the best of both worlds: modern day, medical training and the ancient wisdom, practice, and application of Yoga. I’m enrolled in a 5-year supervised clinical program at Loyola Marymount University and have been working with people like you for nine years. Read more here.


Work with me in my studio for one-on-one individualized Yoga Therapy sessions.

Whether you’re looking to improve functional range of motion, balance, increase flexibility, or are recovering from an injury, or if you’re working with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or addiction, Yoga Therapy has a host of tools that are functional and relevant to support you. You’ll receive personalized guidance, an adapted practice to suit your specific needs and goals, expert support along the way, and specific steps to implement into your daily life and routine that will support you in reaching your goals and get you feeling better.

Join us for semi-private group sessions at a rate you can afford.

If you cannot afford one-on-one sessions, this is a great alternative. These sessions are for beginners and for those who are limited in mobility due to injury, recent surgery, or just generally being de-conditioned.

Join my free, exclusive Facebook group, Yoga Therapy Transformations.

We’re a community of people learning the art of Yoga in ways that are sustainable, accessible, and therapeutic. I offer free mini Facebook Live classes on various topics and share education on common ailments. 

Become a member of the Vidya Yoga Community: online, therapeutic classes.

The VYC is the right place for you if you're...

  • looking for a gentle, practical, sustainable, and systematic approach to Yoga.

  • recovering from an injury, surgery, or have limited range of motion.

  • unsure if you’d fit into a group class at a Yoga studio.

  • struggling with anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, illness, PTSD, or depression.

Everything you need is inside of you.

The reason for being is causeless joy; abundance and limitlessness is your true nature. Ease the story of ‘self’ and thrive in the unknown. Gold Yoga is all about showing you your light. Gold is…




Dharmically Aligned